Live the life you want, not the life you’ve got

You’ve got the impressive job title, gorgeous home and dream car. You know you should be happy as nothing’s really wrong, but it’s not right either is it? Your life’s just not how you’d like it to be. Everything looks great on the surface, but only you know how bad you truly feel.

You tell yourself you’ve nothing to be sad about, and things could be worse. But then you think about living the rest of your life like this and feel overwhelmed with dread.

That’s where I come in. I’m a life coach and I help people change their lives for the better, forever.

People just like you talk to me every day about how their lives have not panned out the way they expected. My clients are not happy with their careers, feel unfulfilled and feel like they are lacking purpose in their everyday life. Some might have a dream but don’t know how to make it come true, but they are all totally stuck; miserable, in a rut and don’t know which way to turn.

Whatever your issues, I offer life coaching, skills audits and work life balance coaching which will completely change your life.

Work with me and you’ll get non-judgmental support to make permanent changes. Together we’ll help you clarify what you want, and identify what’s standing in the way of you getting it. We’ll reawaken your focus and motivation so you can achieve your personal and professional goals – even if you don’t know what they are right now. You’ll get the work life balance you need and your relationships will improve at home and at work.

I work out of my private consulting rooms on Wimpole Street and in St Paul’s, as well as on the phone / via Skype. In addition, depending on what works for you, we may also do some ‘in-situ’ coaching – working on specific issues out ‘in the field’

Get in touch today and let’s get your life back on track.

How I can help you

I work with hard-working high-achievers who are just not happy at work, home or both. Here are just some of the things I’ve heard from my life coaching clients, and here’s how I’ve helped them.

I’m not happy with my career

  • I hate my job, but I’m not qualified for anything else and I’m too old to move – what can I do?
  • I used to be so focused; now every day feels like Monday. How can I get my motivation back?
  • I’ve reached the top in my career ladder and now I want to do something more creative. But how?
  • I’ve just been made redundant. What the hell do I do now?

A more satisfying career, better job for you or career switch is in your reach. Check out how we can work together in the section above and then contact me using the form below to find out more.

I’m fed up with just about getting by in everyday life

    • I feel stuck, flat and lost. Why am I feeling like this and what can I do about it?
    • I am only just about managing to get everything done. I never get any quality time with my partner / kids and friends, and they’re all sick of it.
    • I am totally overwhelmed, permanently on edge and struggling. Can you help me?
    • I’ve felt really down for a long time. I know something needs to change but nothing I’ve tried has worked and I don’t know what to do now

Make the choice to change your life for the better. Find out how you’d like to work with me and then contact me today to arrange a free 50 minute no obligation coaching conversation.

I am totally unfulfilled

    • There must be more to life than this
    • Have I left it too late to achieve my dreams?
    • Kids and work take up all my time – how can I find more room for me?
    • Too much of my life is filled with things I HAVE to do. What about things I’d LOVE to do?

Are you ready to change your life forever? As well as life coaching, I also offer skills audits, work life balance coaching and Executive Coaching. Discover how we can work together and contact me today to take the first step to a more authentic life.

Let’s work together

Life coaching: feel happy and whole again

Blindly following the path you, your parents or your friends expected you to take means you’ve long suppressed your dreams.

You’ve climbed the career ladder, drowning out your feelings by working harder and longer hours. Now you feel like you’re just going through the motions. You’re miserable and distracted at work and at home and your joyless mood is starting to affect your partner and kids.

You’ve got so much materially you feel guilty about wanting more from life. But something has to change.

Now’s the time to access who you really are. Together we’ll explore your limiting beliefs and fears and free you from the pressure of others’ expectations. You’ll remember what you used to love and discover what makes you feel happy and whole. You’ll set goals, achieve them and start living the life you want, not the life you’ve got.

Learn more about working with me then drop me an email at and let’s start the process of reclaiming your life.

Skills audit: it’s time for you to shine

Feeling like you don’t have any marketable skills? No idea what you even like doing anymore?

Using and building on so-called “motivated skills” (skills you love using) leads to job satisfaction, so it’s wise to know what they are. Through my skills audit we can work to find the skills you use well, your ideal working environment and core work values.

It’s time to smash your limiting beliefs and remember what makes you feel alive. Let’s create a plan of action and get you the role, career and life that will make you truly happy.

Skills audit coaching is ideal if you’re considering a mid-life career change. Contact me today to find out more.

Work life balance coaching: get the best of both worlds

You’re worn out, racing to keep still; putting in the hours working and never seeing your kids, family or friends. You work harder than everyone else you know but still fear that you’re not working hard enough. Your partner and kids complain you’re distracted when you’re with them but the person that’s suffering the most is you. You want a way out – but how?

Coaching: where, how, what, why?

Coaching takes place at my two private consulting rooms on Wimpole Street and in St Paul’s, or over the phone/Skype. (40% of my clients now choose Skype coaching for its convenience).

My methods are unique and they work

I will help you change your life using a unique and effective combination of Co-Active Coaching, Neuroscience and Somatics.

    • Co-Active Coaching addresses who the person is being as well as their behaviours. I will ask powerful questions, challenge you to think deeper and further than you ever have before, and help you deal with the blocks and fears that have prevented your life from going in the direction you wanted.
    • Harnessing the power of neuroscience though NeuroCoaching we’ll work with the latest theories behind how your brain works, why you act in the ways that you do, and why some behaviours are hard to stop. You’ll also learn the secret behind changing bad habits – permanently.
    • Using Somatics we’ll anchor your new thoughts and behaviours in your body – so you achieve permanent change.

In a few months you will change your life beyond all recognition – guaranteed

When we start to work together I will design a coaching plan which is right for you. Our sessions will happen every other week and we will begin by discussing how we want to work together and identifying the specific measurable goals you want to achieve.

Before every session we will both do some preparation work to make your session as productive as possible, and keep a track on your acheivements.

During our sessions you will answer incisive searching questions which will establish where you are now, where you want to get to and what’s standing in your way. You’ll talk; I’ll listen to what you say, and identify what you’re not saying. We will work on the limiting beliefs and fears that are currently standing in your way, we’ll disrupt and replace outmoded ways of thinking and behaving, and I will help you stay motivated and focused on reaching your goals.

We’ll make sure you stay on track until you achieve your aims

During our time together I will hold you to your goals and desired new actions. I will also mirror back to you, in a non-judgemental way, how you are self-sabotaging; unwelcome patterns of behaviour which you’ve never noticed, and uncomfortable truths that nobody else will tell you.

Together we’ll get you the life you really want and, with monthly progress reviews, we’ll make sure you stay focused and on the right track.

Bespoke Coaching Packages.
Coaching with me requires courage and commitment, and is not for everyone. I work with my clients for 6 months to a year, and their life absolutely transforms – guaranteed.

There is a minimum investment of £7,500, and clients pay up to £28,000.

If you are ready to invest your time, energy, and hard-earned money into changing your life in a lasting meaningful way, get in touch to arrange a no obligation coaching conversation by using the contact form below.


Isabelle, Finance Director

“I went to see Sue when I had a  real lack of clarity and didn’t know what I wanted to do with the next phase of my life.  I had resigned from my job as a Finance Director, but wasn’t clear on what to do next.  I also wanted to start looking after myself more generally. 


By working with Sue I have learnt so much  – both at an academic level and at a much deeper level, I feel great and very happy and confident for the future.  I am very clear about what I want to do with the next phase of my life and have already started working as an independent consultant which I am really enjoying.  I have also set up a daily self care routine which has me feeling happy confident, relaxed and fit– despite all the recent change and uncertainty.

Coaching with Sue is like having a best friend who holds you to account and tells you the truth with empathy – far more than any friend really would.  She is kind, and has a huge amount of empathy whist being intuitive and fun.  The coaching was excellent, tough and difficult at times, but always safe, caring and not too hard.  I pushed myself and learnt a HUGE amount and things have really shifted for me. Things I didn’t think were possible are suddenly perfectly doable.  I would highly recommend coaching with Sue.”

Sarah, Journalist

“I had just been made redundant and although I had a decent payout I felt in complete panic about what to do next  – and with the rest of my life! I was actually quite glad I was leaving my old career as it meant I hardly ever saw my children – but I had no idea about what else I could do, and how I was going to pay the bills once the redundancy money ran out.  I also felt a bit lost about who I was now – I didn’t have my old job title any more.


Sue was very understanding of where I was and made me feel very at ease about my whole situation.  She quickly helped me turn what had felt like the worst thing to ever happen to me – into the most positive thing in my life.

Coaching with Sue has helped me realise I have choices in my life, and that there is another way to live. 

I have identified what’s REALLY important to me, how I REALLY want to live – and I am now actually living it!”

Jo-Ann Myers, Head of Education Department, Leo Baeck College

“When I started working with Sue I had just been given a new position at work – a step up into management. I was not confident enough in myself, work seemed overwhelming, and I didn’t believe in myself – specifically in relation to getting onto a professional doctorate.


Sue is empowering, funny, perceptive and challenging. She gets me – she knew what I needed. She believes in me and this was extremely empowering and confidence building for me.  She’s also never judgmental, which means I can be totally honest with her.

Through coaching with Sue I have learnt how to time manage, prioritise – and to say NO to some appointments and areas of work.  I’m able to take a step back, delegate and trust my staff more,  I’ve created a department plan, am effectively developing my team, and have got onto the doctorate! I’m also fully in CHOICE – ie. not living life governed by what I think I SHOULD do, HAVE to do,  CAN’T do!

Sue has helped me to relax, look at things calmly, and to feel more confident.”

James, Managing Partner, Advertising

When I met Sue I lacked confidence and conviction in my own abilities, I was missing a purpose and a plan, and I was struggling to balance work and home life and felt huge amounts of guilt whenever I did do things for myself.


 The impact of working with Sue was much quicker than I expected – at one point I was seeing big changes week on week, and working with her has given me: much more self awareness; a range of techniques for dealing with anxiety in business – whether that’s dealing with difficult people or having the confidence in my own convictions; a range of tools for managing myself better eg. planning and being more self assured; the self belief to prioritise my own self care and get more balance in my life; plus a clearly defined career plan.

 Sue has been fantastic.  Coaching with her is like having an amazing mentor but in a much more structured way.  Her coaching has helped me in equal measure with work and in my personal life.  Sue has a wonderful warm and empathetic style.  She’s always listening and really has helped provide great solutions to my personal challenges.  I would recommend working with Sue to anyone – I’m only sorry I didn’t do it sooner!

Alison, Staff Engagement Manager

“I went to see Sue when I felt desperate, frustrated and bleak.   I had low confidence, felt like I was living on the edge, had lots of guilt, was letting the past rule my present, and felt like I was floundering. I knew things needed to change, but was not sure what or how.


Through working with Sue things have changed significantly. I believe in myself and that I can lead a more meaningful life, and I trust in myself much more.  My confidence has grown – in who I am, what I feel, and what I want to achieve.  I have achieved an internal calmness and more enjoyment in life.

Coaching with Sue is like going on a personal journey.  Sometimes it’s painful and hard work but when you reach different points en route , the release, empowerment and joy you feel is amazing.  She is with you all the way – not pushing but guiding, challenging, and 100% non judgmental. Sue was very honest from the start about how much work it would take, but that if I put the work in, it would change my life.  She was right!”

Rachel, Training Programme Advisor

“I knew I needed a coach to help and guide me and lead me in the right direction – Sue is a great coach. She can be tough at times and doesn’t allow me to be slippery (which is a good thing!). But at the same time Sue is nurturing and loving.


I never feel ashamed or embaressed to tell her the truth and know she does not judge me. She holds me to my values especially when I forget – and she adapts to my ever changing and evolving dreams – and I have real faith in her.

Through coaching with Sue I have taken full control of my life – something I never dreamt possible.

I have got out of ‘victim mode’ (always making excuses for why I haven’t achieved something, blaming situations, circumstances and others). I have taken charge of my life and what happens in it. I have changed my relationships for the better and am taking active steps towards things I want in life – now and in the future. 

Julia Moore, Owner, Therapeutic and Holistic Yoga for Everyone

“I was feeling stuck in a rut and a bit low, my goals were to sort out my working life, in particular the balance between my ‘day job’ and running my own business. I didn’t quite know how to change things, well I thought I didn’t know how.


Sue is super positive, fun, warm and friendly. She is obviously very accomplished in her work and has an intuitive sense for what is needed in the present moment. She is clear and to the point, and doesn’t waste any time on stuff that will not help you move towards your goals.

Sue really helped me to see where my personal priorities lay, and how an awareness of and respect for my core values could lead me naturally to where I truly wanted to be. Through the coaching with Sue I now have a much higher level of self worth and esteem, and I dind’t realise it would be such an easy and quick transition.  I leave the coaching sessions feeling very positive and uplifted, and positive attitudes and experiences seem to flow very naturally from the work we do in these sessions.

Valuing myself and my work more highly has meant that my income is already beginning to increase. If you think of it as an investemnet in yourself then it is a sensible move – the money invested will come back to you and more besides.”

Julia Griffen, Photographer

“ I’d recently had my second child and was very sleep deprived, and worried about getting back to work. We had financial anxieties and I was feeling incredibly stressed, uptight, guilty and anxious.


My main goal was to appreciate the here and now of being a Mum, whilst creating a place for myself and my own sanity! Professionally I wanted to feel calm and in control about getting back into the driving seat work wise.

Sue’s a great coach – encouraging without being judgmental or critical, inspiring and kind. 

She enabled me to start working again – feeling relaxed and confident. Because of the coaching I have developed the ability not to feel guilty a lot of the time and am now able to have a better, more healthy perspective on life in general.”

Lisa, TV Series Producer

My life was a mess – I was confused and unfocused – at home and at work. I would procrastinate and feel muddled about things and could just not get on top of of everything that needed to be done – let alone thinking about the future.

Sue is very good at enabling me to utilise my own inner strength and resources and has a talent for directing me towards my own solutions to problems I’d previously felt unsolvable.

Her approach is very practical and she quickly got to the crux of my issues. In our very first session she helped me realise I had choice in my life – to me a real revelation.

Through coaching with Sue I have learnt different ways of looking at my problems and can now tackle life’s difficulties head on. With her nurturing encouragement I have really taken stock of my life and I am now fulfilling my dreams.

Cathy Johnson, Birth and Parenting Consultant, Womb to Bloom

Sue is enthusiastic, sensitive,warm, and is a very motivating presence. We always focus on what needs to be done and on acknowledging how far I have already come. She seems to know when it is OK to add some pressure and when is enough.

Through coaching with Sue I have a renewed belief and confidence in myself, I am now taking on more work and earning more money. It has given me the kickstart I needed to take my business more seriously and heaps more confidence about what I have to offer.

I am now achieving more for me and my business than I ever dreamt possible.

I would gladly recommend Sue to anyone”

Trupti Patel, Owner & Photographer, Kush Digital Photography

When I started working with Sue I’d taken redundancy from the BBC, leaving behind a career in television that I’d been passionate about since I was a child. I had recently set up a new photography business   – I was excited but apprehensive, and very worried that I was making a big mistake.

I started coaching with Sue for financial and practical reasons – I wanted to create and build a business that would make me money.

Sue’s a fantastic coach and is direct, straightforward and very clear in her approach. I was sceptical about the whole process but within a very short space of time I have learnt new techniques to help me solve problems.  I’ve also used these techniques positively in every other area of my life – and it’s been noticed by several people!

In less than 3 months of coaching with Sue I’m achieving things within my business – and life – that I wouldn’t have been brave enough to tackle for several years.

Now, I am much more ambitious and passionate about my business and what I want in life – and I’m making more money than I dreamed possible!”

About me

My role as Producer and Director for the BBC was simply not conducive to having a family. I found that out the hard way having had my daughter Amelie in 2006.

Coaching helped me work out what I wanted from my new life and gave me the courage to re-train as a coach in 2008. It has also given me the courage, clarity, focus and motivation to do a lot of other things too.

Over the past decade I have gone on to work with over two hundred clients. I have also helped them get clear on what they want for the next phase of their life, identify and break through the blockages and limiting beliefs that had been holding them back, and then actively design and create a happy, fulfilled, more meaningful life.

I love learning and take my role as a coach seriously. Since 2008 I’ve spent a lot of time on my own personal development as a coach (and human being). I’ve completed continuous professional development training in: organisation and relationship systems, advanced neuroscience coaching, the Hogan Personality Inventory, 360 feedback delivery and leadership embodiment training. I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and adhere to its code of ethics.

I greatly value the power of coaching and therefore have my own coach, and undertake regular supervision – in service of me being the best possible coach I can be.

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